PDQ! Herbal Skin Cream is made from the oil of a very safe herb that softens even the hardest cells which may then allow the body's IMMUNE SYSTEM to remove the suspicious cells as nature intended for the IMMUNE SYSTEM to do! We simply say that PDQ! Herbal Skin Cream is an excellent skin softener. Since its development there has never been an adverse reaction reported. PDQ! Herbal Skin Cream is completely SAFE and trusted by thousands of satisfied customers as an all natural skin cream that is formulated to dissolve problem skin lesions.

PDQ! Herbal Skin Cream (0.25 oz./739 ml.)


    1. Wash Skin thoroughly.

    2. Apply PDQ Herbal Skin Cream to problem area only.

    3. Rub solution in vigorously.

    4. If reaction appears, allow area to heal (3 to 10 days). 

    5. Repeat until there is no reation on the affected area.

    Note: PDQ Herbal Skin Cream works on affected areas only. Always keep problem areas clean. *Always allow scabs to fall of naturally. Keep out of reach of children. Product is not intended for or tested on animals.