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The Great Plains Laboratory, Inc.

Specialty Lab Testing

Specialty Lab testing such as organic acids, mycotoxins, and stool testing offer valuable information when it comes to health and wellness. Routine lab work in conjunction with specialty tests help uncover the subtle abnormalities in metabolic pathways and help to identify toxins in the environment such as mercury and mold which can have a profound effect on health. Specialty tests also help to identify causal factors that help maximize optimal treatment on an individualized basis.

Advantages of Specialty Testing

  • NO FASTING is required

  • NO LAB VISIT order yourself

  • KIT MAILED to your home within 4-7 business days

  • LAB SAMPLE: Most samples can be collected from home (blood spot, urine, saliva, stool, hair)

  • TURN AROUND TIME 12-14 days (12 days average for most tests)

  • EASY INSTRUCTIONS For Collection and Shipping

Lab Experiment


Neuroendocrine Lab Testing

NeuroLab® is a leading specialist in the research, analysis, and development of biomarkers associated with hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal (HPA) axis function. Optimal HPA function is foundational to peak performance of  the body’s neuroendocrine communication system.

NeuroLab employs the gold standard in urinary neurotransmitter testing. UHPLC Triple Quadrupole Mass Spectrometry (MS) technology offers the highest level of sensitivity and specificity for neurotransmitters. This technology provides the highest and most accurate and reproducible results available to ensure practitioners have the lab numbers they need to make effective clinical decisions. 


Ulta Lab Tests

You Decide

Which Lab Tests

Clients can place their own Lab orders through Ulta Lab Tests by clicking on the image above.  

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