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What is The Reams' Biological Theory of Ionization (RBTI)?

Biological Ionization is a comprehensive system of mathematical principles that allow for a new and complete understanding of how the ionic electrochemical basis of biological life is to ideally develop and function. Therefore, this model also explains the cause of degenerative dis-ease namely, ionic mineral deficiencies causing electrochemical depletion, distortion, disruption and destruction of the ideal and healthy environment of the basic cellular components and sub components of the cells. Additionally, and most importantly, this model provides the exact tools required to address the cause of the electrochemical dysfunctions that are called dis-ease whether in plant, animal or human and reverse them.

How Did This Theory Originate?

It came into being through the work of soil, animal and food scientist, Dr. Carey A. Reams. In the early 1930s, experimenting using mathematical and oscilloscopic techniques on all types of foods, plants and animals, he discovered that biologic entities, whether plant, animal or human, each exist and function at their own basic unique electrochemical frequency. He found that if the ionic mineral energy, moving into or out of a biologic entity, is not in the proper frequency configuration, that the biologic entity cannot maintain its ideal molecular ionic electrochemical integrity, therefore, its health and physical well-being correspondingly deteriorate. He further found that this understanding of frequency, in biologic life, made it possible to fully comprehend the true digestive process in humans, and how it could either enhance or detract from a human's ability to maintain the maximum ionic mineral reserves from their food sources. Additionally, Dr. Reams discovered that the nutrient mineral density of our foods directly affects the quality of a human or animal's digestive capability, and that digestive integrity is absolutely required to maintain their ionic electrochemical body "on frequency" for ideal health.

Why is The Biological Ionization Theory So Vital?

If a health practitioner is never exposed to the significance of Biological Ionization principles, they will always and only ever have a symptom-based therapy system, no matter how natural they orient it. No matter how elaborate or wholistic the diagnostic or treatment routine used to uncover and deal with health dysfunctions, it will never reveal the true cause of the dysfunction nor what to ideally do about it as will the properly understood and applied Biological Ionization principles and techniques. No matter how natural, or otherwise, the therapy of a health practitioner, whether in using natural drugs, homeopathy, herbs, massage, chiropractics, wholistic dentistry, kinesiology, iridology, raw foods, colonics, acupuncture etc., the symptom will remain the focus of the therapy and the real cause will not be addressed.

A Layman's Explanation


Dr. Reams said over and over that God had given him this information. Therefore, it is VLB Life's divine assignment and ministry to make the Biological Theory of Ionization's Principles and Techniques more understandable, usable and real to the world of natural health and healing.

An Introduction to RBTI
RBTI: No, No Foods Explaination

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