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Vickie is truly an Earth Angel and a natural healer.  She has such a loving and nurturing energy that when she walks in the room you feel truly blessed to just be in her presence.  She also makes the best organic all natural vegetable soup on the planet!  Its out of this world!  Vickie is the kind of person you can tell anything to and she will never judge you or betray your trust.  Vickie was the first person who turned me onto Wild Orange essential oil which acts as a natural sleep aid remedy when rubbed on the soles of your feet just prior to going to bed.  Thank God I was finally able to throw the Lunesta in the trash!  Vickie has a natural connection with the world and with God that makes her such an integral part of anyone's life who has the pleasure to know her and call her a friend.  I have learned so much from you, Vickie.  And I am so thankful that you are someone I can always count on.

                            ~Carri M., SC



Thank you so much Vickie for the wonderful Reiki session! My migraine immediately vanished and still has not returned 2 months later! I highly recommend VLB Life for all of your health and wellness matters!

                            ~Eddie C., Pickens, SC



Vickie offers many services to help renew your health and spirit. Her skills combined with a pleasant atmosphere will leave you feeling so relaxed. Some people have a natural gift for healing. Vickie has been blessed with that gift. Highly recommend.

                            ~Starr M., Greenville, SC

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Vickie was very inviting and professional. I will definitely use her services again.

          ~Kim B., Greer, SC

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I have only had one emotion code session and I could tell when it was over how beneficial it was. I look forward to my next one and want to thank Vickie for making this available.

             ~Debbie A., Greenville, SC



Vickie is a great healer and intuitive guide. She is also very knowledgeable in essential oils and general health and wellness advocacy. I have had numerous experiences working with Vickie and she has always been extremely helpful and her treatments beneficial. I highly recommend her services!

                            ~Jennifer M., Knoxville, TN



Very qualified and complete in detail. Highly suggest others to come see Vickie.

                            ~Ruth K., Asheville, NC



Vickie is a terrific healing practitioner. She uses Reiki in her healing along with very light touch. I can honestly say Vickie was able to bring me to a very peaceful place. It reminds of being in twilight, right before a deep sleep. Vickie's energy is gentle, loving and very powerful at the same time. Vickie is worth going to see!

                             ~Michelin H., SC

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Vickie has such a special gift. I would highly recommend her to everyone. She’s already seeing my best friend, mom and another friend.

           ~Angie K., Honea Path, SC

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Vickie is amazing!!!

This was my first visit, and I immediately felt calm meeting Vickie. I had the ion foot detox foot spa treatment and it was amazing!!

Can’t wait for my next session.

Vickie is full of knowledge about living a healthier all natural lifestyle and she is so easy to talk to.

Thank you for this experience and can’t wait to do the biomat as well!!

               ~Allyson P., Greer, SC

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