Healthy Starts Here

Meet Vickie Beineke

Natural Health Specialist 


Ordained Minister, Teacher, Speaker

Founder of VLB Life TM


I am passionate about educating and empowering you to use your body’s innate ability to balance itself by helping to expand your consciousness.  Your thoughts create feelings which manifest in the physical world to include your body.  Creating changes in your life can sometimes feel overwhelming.  I have strategies and modalities that will help.  

Energy work, lifestyle coaching, pH balancing, mind-body-spirit connectedness education, and personalized genetics, are just a few modalities which allow me to help clients see the whole version of themselves.

As you improve your relationship with yourself and others, you will be ready to move into a new space of becoming all that you are meant to be and step into your purpose.

My background is in education, and holistic health.  I have 33+ years of experience as a wife, mother and entrepreneur that allows me to be able to support you through your journey and guide you to a place of healing and love.  


Working with a Natural Health Specialist

can help with

A healthy digestive system impacts our overall health.  Do you know if you are absorbing all the nutrients you are ingesting?  Let's work together and find out.


Have you been tired lately and don't know why?  Getting an individualized program in place can help move your body back into balance.


We live in a toxic world.  Our bodies can easily become sluggish which can affect us on many levels.

Women's Health

As someone who had a hysterectomy at the age of 44, I know what is like to struggle with hormonal imbalances.  Let me share what I have learned on my healing journey with you.

Weight Loss

Are you struggling to release extra weight?  Let's work together and see what is holding you back from letting it go.


Stress can do a number on your body causing all kinds of problems.  I have tools and techniques to help you learn how to better manage the stress that's in your life.