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I’m Vickie Beineke, a Traditional Naturopath, Speaker, and the Founder and CEO of VLB Life.


VLB Life is a holistic health and wellness company that provides both services and products. Our services include private and group life and health coaching programs, workshops, education and training programs, and speaking at seminars.


I work with the mind, body, spirit of each client. I adapt and adjust my specialties to create a unique program for each individual. I look at everything through loving eyes.


Our Mission

To be a compassionate leader, teacher, and guide; empowering you to live an energized, healthy, and joyful life by discovering how to nourish your mind, body and spirit. 

Our Vision

 To empower people all over the world with the knowledge of their bodies, minds and spirits to improve wellness through an individualized natural health program.

Our Values Action Word - S.E.R.V.E.

  • SERVE: Serve people of all ages to improve overall health of the mind, body & spirit.

  • EXCEL: Excellence in quality, safety and service.

  • RESPECT: Respect for all people, differences and spiritual heritage. 

  • VALUE: Value time, treasures and talents through stewardship.

  • ENGAGE: Engage in community needs to improve health.

Meet Vickie

Working with a Certified Natural Health Professional

can help with
Why Naturopathy

A healthy digestive system impacts our overall health.  Do you know if you are absorbing all the nutrients you are ingesting?  Let's work together and find out.


Have you been tired lately and don't know why?  Getting an individualized program in place can help move your body back into balance.


We live in a toxic world.  Our bodies can easily become sluggish which can affect us on many levels.

Women's Health

As someone who had a hysterectomy at the age of 44, I know what is like to struggle with hormonal imbalances.  Let me share what I have learned on my healing journey with you.

Weight Loss

Are you struggling to release extra weight?  Let's work together and see what is holding you back from letting it go.


Stress can do a number on your body causing all kinds of problems.  I have tools and techniques to help you learn how to better manage the stress that's in your life.

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