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Help Me Detox

How toxic is your body?

Want to know?

Take the quiz.  

Cutting Edge Technology that works in your favor

Helping you detox so you can get back to living your best life

Do you have any of these symptoms?

Add 1 point for each of these that sound like you:

1.        Have you gained weight?

2.       Are you tired a lot?

3.       Do you have bloating after eating?

4.       Are you on medications?

5.       Do you have inflammation?

6.       Do you have brain fog?

7.       Do you have trouble sleeping?

8.       Do you have anxiety or stress?

9.       Are you unable to do the fun activities you used to do?

10.     Are you suffering from medical issues you didn't used to have?

If you answered yes to more than 3 of these questions your body may be overloaded with toxins at a cellular level. 

To learn more about toxins, your cells, and alternatives to your health, click the button and schedule your Help Me Detox Discovery Appointment today!

Real Solutions, Real Results

During this Appointment You Will Discover:

  • Why most detoxification programs don't work and are dangerous

  • How toxins affect hormones and weight loss

  • How to know your toxicity levels - 2 Simple Tests

  • How detoxifying correctly can transform your health

  • Why toxins may be the reason you don't feel well

Your personal program includes:


Guidance, Meetings, Recipes & More!

  • DNA Test

    • Why DNA Testing?  This is one of the features that makes our detox program unique.  We will gain detailed information about YOUR detox pathways which helps us to customize the program to your body's needs.

    • Data is stored on a HIPPA compliant server that makes your data secure and anonymous.

    • Your DNA is NOT going to be sold like other companies.

  • Live One-on-One Orientation Via Zoom

  • Client Portal (Resources, Journals, Forums and much more!)

  • 90-Day Menu Plan & Grocery List

  • 1 Each of the Detox Phases

  • 3 monthly tests to measure your progress

  • 15-minute Weekly Check-in Appointments with Vickie via Zoom.

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