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Mother's Day Packages!

Give your Mom some TLC! She takes care of YOU, now it's time to take care of her!


Reiki Package

This package is for 4, 60-minute, in-person sessions for only $750 

woman hugging herself.jpeg

Emotion Code

5-Session Package

This package is for 5, 30-minute Emotion Code Sessions.

(In-person, Phone or Zoom)

for only $325 

Yoga at Home

Self Care Package

This package was lovingly put together especially for you. This package contains:

  • Two 30-minute Emotion Code/Body Code Sessions (either in-person or via Zoom) Valued at $140

  • Two Biomat & Ionic Foot Bath Combos (in-person only) Valued at $120

Not sure what Emotion Code is? Visit here to learn more:

To learn more about the Ionic Foot Bath and Biomat, visit this page:

Mother's Hug
Mother and Daughter
Mother and Daughter

Biomat & Ionic Foot Bath Combo Package

4, Biomat and Ionic Foot Bath Combo Sessions

(In-person only)


$200 Package expires 12 months after purchase

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